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At Fusion Health and Fitness, our mission is to provide a welcoming, optimistic, fun, bias-free and collaborative experience where you are vital part of your treatment plan in healing from overweight and obesity syndromes. We believe that no one knows your body better than you do and we honor that by listening to you and collaborating with you to formulate the best treatment plan. As a team, we work to provide you with the knowledge and support you need to be successful in whatever way that looks for you. We know that the best method for success is teamwork and our staff includes experts in various wellness fields to enable us to develop a personalized plan just for you.

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At Fusion HFX, we know that overweight and obesity is not the source problem. The source problem is inflammation and that inflammation, when left unchecked, can create a myriad of conditions including overweight and obesity and related conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Think about a person who goes to the doctor for a cough and is just given cough medicine for treatment. The cough goes away for a bit and then returns. They return to the doctor who continues to give them cough medicine. They are just providing a band-aid and not getting to the source cause. The patient will continue to be frustrated without resolution of their problem.  A smart provider will dig deeper and learn that the patient is asthmatic and needs a different treatment to be successful.

At Fusion HFX, we utilize holistic approaches to healing the inflammation in your body that results in weight loss as well as lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, lowered blood sugar, lowered inflammatory markers and so much more. The key is knowing that inflammation is not triggered by the same things in every body. Our team will work with you to help figure out what those triggers are and customize a plan specific to you and your body.


All of our personal trainers have been through vigorous bariatric training. They are hired not only for their fitness knowledge but for their compassionate heart and genuine desire to help.  Our training programs focus on working on stability of the joints which is key to injury prevention. Fusion HFX will provide our clients with exercise bands and white boards with their workouts written on them and are changed out weekly to keep it fresh.  The only thing you need to provide is an open mind, open heart and a willingness to put in the work.


At Fusion HFX, we offer nutritional services who specialize in bariatrics and integrative nutrition. When we connect nutrition to our health and can utilize food as medicine before we ever have to write a prescription, that is a win for everyone!  Our team uses a mindfulness approach that is powerful in meaningful transformation.  The foundation to everything we do is rooted in nutrition so this is one of the most important visits you’ll have with our team.


We know that a physical transformation cannot happen without a mental transformation. The weight loss journey is long and difficult at times and exciting and easy at others.  Having our mental health coach to help guide you through all the stages of transformation is key to long-term success. Our mental health coach also leads our monthly support groups and can see you for one on one session as well.




Most of our clients are looking for a place where they can come and be treated without being judged for their obesity and overweight syndromes. Incredibly, doctors and nurses are the most common perpetrators of weight bias in standard healthcare settings such as hospitals. Up to 69% of clients report weight bias from their own physician and more than half of individuals note this has happened over multiple visits.

The fitness industry is not immune to these biases either. One study looked at weight bias in exercise professionals including physical therapists and personal or group fitness trainers. Results showed that 85% of the professionals surveyed demonstrated some form of weight bias. A similar trend exists in the nutrition arena. The same study showed that 73% of nutritionists and dietitians held a negative bias against individuals who were overweight or obese19.

We know these statistics and it is our team’s mission to ensure you have a bias-free and enjoyable experience!

Let’s start a conversation that could change your health!


Dezi Zevin, PA-C, C-PT
Dezi Zevin, PA-C, C-PT is a NASM certified personal trainer, bariatric fitness specialist and medical fitness practitioner who has been in medical practice as a Physician Assistant for 20 years. Utilizing her background in both medicine and exercise sports science, she has built her Fusion practice to specialize in weight loss and bariatrics and provides exercise/fitness, mental health and nutritional support to her patients as well as those referred from the partnerships she has with bariatric surgeons. Through her experience as a Physician Assistant, she was a co-inventor of the world's first portion control plate for bariatric patients called the Portion8 Plate (aka BariBowl) and along with that authored a Portion8 Recipe book to help patients attain greater success. In addition to advocating for those who have been diagnosed with overweight and/or obesity, she provides a platform for bariatric patients to share their surgical success stories via her Podcast: Post Op to Won’t Stop available on Apple Podcast or at .

Dezi Zevin,

Cassandra Golden Sampson MS, RD, LDN, MIEP
Cassandra Golden Sampson MS, RD, LDN, MIEP

Cassandra Golden Sampson

Sunni Albano, LPN, C-PT
Sunni Albano, LPN, C-PT

Sunni Albano,

Victoria Glovitch, C-PT
Victoria Glovitch, C-PT

Victoria Glovitch,

Tim Rutherford, C-PT
Tim Rutherford, C-PT

Tim Rutherford,

Dana Rutherford Mental Health Coach
Dana Rutherford Mental Health Coach

Dana Rutherford
Mental Health Coach

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